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Bend Startup Women: Let's Talk

by Katie Smith, Kelly Kearsley, Tierney O'dea, Lisa Sipe and Diane Allen

Bend startup women: We want to talk to you! 

Many of us have undoubtedly had the experience of being at a startup event in Bend and wondering where are all the women? Yes, we know there are women out there. In fact, many are included on this invite. But as our startup community grows, we have the rare opportunity to create the community we want ... and this group wants to see more women founders represented more often in Bend. And hell, let's face it, more women founders period. 

So let's talk about it. We'll provide the wine. We just want your thoughts. Have you noticed this too? What challenges do you think women-owned startups face? What resources are available? What resources do we need? How can we help each other? Should we have a group that meets and talks and gets shit done regularly? Would you attend?  

The idea is to break into small groups, discuss these topics, come back to a larger group, discuss some more and come out with some next action steps.  

Who are we? 

We're a group of women interested in helping Bend grow new companies, expand the talent pool, improve skill development opportunities, and highlight the resources available for startups here. Some of us work for startups, some of us write about startups, some of have started startups. But we are all interested in making sure that Bend Startup Women have what they need to succeed 

Who are you? 

This event is for startup founders, employees, supporters and friends. Help us understand how to better serve the women who are contributing to growing our economy. 

We'll start promptly at 7pm. And don't worry if you are allergic to networking. We'll save the networking for afterwords, if you want to stick around for that. 

BendTECH coworking - 1001 Southwest Emkay Drive Bend, OR 97702 - View Map
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