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Bend Startup Women Follow Up

Dear Bend Startup Women,
We wanted to thank you for coming to our event, sharing your thoughts and participating in the conversation. We sincerely appreciate it! 
We gathered feedback from many people, had the chance to meet again and wanted to follow up with you regarding some action items: 
1. We heard from the event there was a need for connecting with resources, asking questions and simply finding out about events, etc. especially for those at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. We've seen other similar groups (Outdoor Women Central Oregon, for example) use Facebook pages to tackle this issue with much success. We've created an closed group (so we can ask questions openly) called Bend Women Startup Connection. Please check it out. There's already a few events in there to note.  
2. We heard from feedback that there may be interest in further events targeted at women specifically. If you are interested in these, add yourself to the Bend Startup Women email list:
The group had varied levels of experience. Those new to entrepreneurship especially seemed interested in creating a space and time to connect with other women in the startup community. The conversation provided good ideas of the types of information/event topics that could be useful. We have some ideas for further events to address these and simply give women a chance to connect as well. Stay tuned. 
3. One of our group members, Katie Smith, is exploring opening a center for women's entrepreneurship here. If you're interested in learning more or staying in the loop with that effort, go to
Again thank you! We appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you again. 
Many thanks, 
Kelly Kearsley, Katie Smith, Lisa Sipe, Michelle Adams & Diane Allen
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