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    Learn tech, digital & business quickly in an affordable way. Accelerate your journey to prosperity.

  • Prosperity CoLab is the online learning platform for women wanting to learn tech, digital and agile skills.

  • Learning Initiatives

    The Lab (aka Prosperity Academy)

    Expand your lean business, digital and tech skills

    We've partnered with nationally recognized partners to provide the best & quickest opportunities to learn and master new skills quickly. Pick from lean business methodologies, tech skills, and digital literacy programs.

    Ready for rapid-fire acceleration in a 3 month period?

    Business Accelerators for women growing businesses

    We've partnered with two of the most successful accelerators designed for women growing businesses, which are sweeping the nation. We know that you can't pick up and leave your family for 3 months at a time. Both are virtual based for 12 weeks, culminating with demo days and mentor networks.

    Let Girls Learn

    Expose women of all ages to business, tech and digital.

    Women make 80% of purchasing decisions. We know that when more women leading in business and politics, we'll finally see America adapting to modern life. To get there, we need to get more tech, digital, and business acumen into the hands of women and girls. We know that through our efforts the world is a kinder, more connected & prosperous place. We plan to expand our offerings to include open office hours for girls after school to come in and learn, as well as camps, and online offerings to expand this knowledge to young women everywhere.

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